About Us

The Zurich International School Foundation, Inc. is a U.S. non-profit organization, established in 2003, with the mission of supporting education, and particularly Zurich International School.

The Board of Directors are elected annually and include:

Marten Hoekstra
New York, New York

Philip Ryan
New York, New York

Jennifer Saxe
Lexington, Massachusetts

Jeff Paulson
Zurich, Switzerland


President: Jeff Paulson
Secretary / Treasurer: Jennifer Wyss


How the ZIS Foundation works

Donors who want to support Zurich International School can make a U.S. dollar donation to the Zurich International School Foundation, Inc. The ZIS Foundation provides a receipt of tax deductiblity.

Each year, the ZIS Foundation board meets and, among other business, evaluates grant proposals from Zurich International School for educational enhancement priorities. Successful grant proposals receive support from the Foundation.

See "Giving" for more information about how to make a donation to the Zurich International School Foundation. Thanks!